RED CARD of the week: title given to most infuriating person/event of the week

MRT/LRT fare hikes

President Aquino’s new year greetings to the Filipino apparently come with a 
price. Within the first week of 2011, Ricky Carandang, Secretary of Strategic
Development and Planning confirmed there will be fare hikes. Affecting about 1.2
million commuters, this is in addition to the fare hikes of expressways and
taxis. With the fee already announced as being 11 pesos for the boarding fee and an additional 1 peso per kilometre the regime is already resorting to its propaganda approach of pitting Filipinos against each
other. Overall the economic policies being put into place in the context of a
disastrous budget allocation make it seem as if the regime is looking for
enemies as fast as possible. Bayan or Bagong Alyansang Makabayan’s Nato Reyes
commented by saying “it will make commuters suffer for the debts incurred
through onerous contracts entered into by past governments. Where is the justice
in that?”

AN’ DON’T FORGET TO GROVEL” – Bankrobber, The Clash

The hikes accelerate Aquino’s thirst to “stabilise” an economy by proving his
“brand” of neo-liberal policies which, in truth, echo from the centers of global
capitalism. In his desperate attempts to constantly explain himself, he tries to
generate money for his development programs (Conditional Cash Transfers etc)
which ironically cripple the people’s economic life in order for his dole outs
to look like an indicator for change. Robbing the people and them buying their
support, it’s the oldest trick in the book.

“You can have whatever you like” – T.I.

Amidst this, P-Noy has the audacity to tell the Armed Forces of the Philippines
that the regime will provide for all of their necessities. Despite the fact that
about 1 activist per week was murdered in 2010 under P-Noy. The human rights
record of the military and the abusive actions of the police recently does not
exactly call for the regime to reward them, albeit without any resounding
mention of their offences. Human rights stopped for the regime at their PR
campaign with the Morong 43, wherein the military even proudly extolled their
grand plans for counter insurgency, apparently put on by their dwindling
confidence in facing progressive forces. The point is, P-Noy mocks the people
with these hikes, saying that the government couldn’t do anything about the 300%
increase in the SLEX, that they needed the transport subsidy for rural areas,
whilst proclaiming an unlimited bag of cash for the military. In effect, Aquino
not only buys support for his “changes” through dole out development schemes, he
prepares for the inevitable backlash of his policies by rewarding fascism.

“You do not talk about fight club”

From the Hacienda Luisita reform issue, to the budget cuts to these fare hikes,
Aquino seems to be in the habit of justifying his action by taking the issues to
a “greater good” standpoint. In Luisita, the peasants vying for their rights to
the land itself were outweighed by development of agriculture by the landowners,
are we supposed to blame the peasants then? With the budget cuts in education,
it was to prioritize basic education and teacher’s salaries, blame the
protesters from state colleges and universities? Now, with the fare hikes, it is
for the rural community who aren’t really covered by the transport subsidy,
should the guilt be on the commuters? In reality, the conditions for these
policies were cooked up by the same people, the same liars who attempt to blur
their exploitative practices with “prioritization”. Upholding basic rights never
entails the sacrifice of others, contrary to the justifications of the regime.
All of this without a hint of wage increase.


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